Chris Blyth - aka BlythMeister

Gallifrey Release Version 3.25.0

 15 September 2022 |  Edit Post |  release, Gallifrey, time logging


Version 3.25.0 of the Gallifrey has been released and is available now.

What’s New

This release is a bit of a maintenance release with update checking changing from every 30 minutes to every 60 minutes. - This change is because the rate of updates is now such that the frequency does not need to be so high.

To help with web request traffic management, all HTTP requests outbound from Gallifrey now include a user-agent header of “Gallifrey” and the version number where available.

Finally, to slightly reduce outbound traffic from Gallifrey (and inbound traffic to my website) the site connectivity check will now only happen if checking for updates fails, rather than before each check for updates.