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GIT 9 Months In

 06 June 2012 |  Edit Post |  git, GitHub, Source Control, SourceSafe, SubVersion

9 months ago I had never heard of, let alone use GIT for source code repository. My main exposure to SCM systems was through Microsoft SourceSafe 6 at work and SubVersion at Uni.

Then the company I work for decided that SourceSafe was dated, and something new was needed.  Introducing GIT. Having various issues myself with SourceSafe, I welcomed the brave new world, though it would be a learning curve.

Now, having seen and used GIT for quite a few months using GIT extensions for Windows, I’ve found that this does everything I would have wanted source control to do.

With multiple release branches, and also multiple work in-progress branches in use, managing and merging my work between has turned out to be a doddle.

At first, the concept that I had my own local copy of a repository on my machine which I needed to keep in sync with a shared repository seemed a little odd, and often lead to some pretty nasty merge issues.  Once I got the hang of using branches, and getting my pulls, commits and pushes in the right order, I truly was cooking on gas.

So, with thousands of changed lines of source code, and over 600 commits, I am happy to say that moving to GIT from SourceSafe 6 was a really good move!

Recently, I found a really nice feature using GIT and GIT extensions, the ability to retrieve a previously deleted branch, very helpful when stupid codist (that’s me!) Thought the branch was a dead stub branch, rather than something to merge in.  Thankfully (with the advice of a co-worker) I was able to get back hours, if not days of work.

To round off, if you’re looking to change your source control, then it will be worth checking out GIT (  Also, for a free (on something open source) repository hosting, GitHub is also worth a look (