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PayPal (Any Amount)

PayPal link

Requires PayPal account but allows for a donation of any amount in your chosen currency.

Credit/Debit Card, Apple Pay & Google Pay (Any Amount)

Donation currencies:

No sign-up and allows for donation of any amount.

Feel free to contact me for links in a different currency and I can generate a link to add above.

Buy Me A Coffee (£3, £6 or £9)

Buy Me A Coffee site

Pay for the coffee using PayPal or any credit/debit card.

No sign-up required.

Why Donate

Why do i even have this page for donations? - I have listed a few reasons as to why donations are so useful.

  • Donations are a great way to sponsor future development on existing or new products.
  • Donations help with the ongoing running costs of existing platforms.
  • Donations means that I know who my users are so can keep you informed of updates.
  • Most of the software I publish is completely free to use but has taken a lot of time to create. - A small “thank you” donation for a cup of coffee goes a long way :)

Donations Not Licences

The donation model offered by my software is not an offer of lifetime support for your single donation.