Chris Blyth - aka BlythMeister

My Apps & Software

I have a few open source software projects, this is where I catalog them all.

Feel free to use and contribute to them.

Secret Santa Helper

A small Christmas themed WPF app in which you enter participants in a Secret Santa. Add in the contents of an email and an SMTP relay you have access to (PaperCut should work). Then hit to go button. The app randomly puts participants together for gift buying.


Download: Available in the “Releases” section

Bing Image Downloader

Everyone knows about the worldwide Bing images on the Bing homepage. This app facilitates a download of these images from Bing sites around the world. You can then set this download folder up for desktop wallpapers. Keep your desktop fresh with these high definition images.


Download: Available in the “Releases” section


Gallifrey is a Jira work logging companion. Essentially a big stop watch app, but with direct integration, to you, Jira portal for logging your hours worked and remaining estimates. Gallifrey will allow you to become a Jira time lord!



Download: Links on website, app auto updates