Chris Blyth - aka BlythMeister

UK Golf Course Handicap Calculator

The World Handicap System (WHS) requires you to be aware of your Course Handicap for the particular Golf Course that you are playing.

By Inputting the course Slope Rating and your Exact Handicap Index this page will calculate your Course Handicap.

For a 9 hole course, the calculation also requires the Course Rating & Course Par.

The calculations for this are:

  • 9 hole course: ((Exact Handicap Index / 2) X (Slope Rating / 113)) + Course Rating - Course Par
  • 18 hole course: Exact Handicap Index X (Slope Rating / 113)
These values are then shown as a percentage based on the Handicap Allowance.

To add or update any courses, please make a donation and send an email with the required additions and updates.

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