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Fitbit Overview Release Version 1.11.2

 27 September 2022 |  Edit Post |  release, Fitbit, overview


Version 1.11.2 of the Fitbit overview watch face has been released and is available now.

What’s New

This release only makes changes to the Versa 3 & Sense watch faces.

In this release the messaging between watch and phone has been improved to try and reduce lost messages and breaks in connection.

For new users, the connection indicator is now defaulted to being on.

Gallifrey Release Version 3.25.0

 15 September 2022 |  Edit Post |  release, Gallifrey, time logging


Version 3.25.0 of the Gallifrey has been released and is available now.

What’s New

This release is a bit of a maintenance release with update checking changing from every 30 minutes to every 60 minutes. - This change is because the rate of updates is now such that the frequency does not need to be so high.

To help with web request traffic management, all HTTP requests outbound from Gallifrey now include a user-agent header of “Gallifrey” and the version number where available.

Finally, to slightly reduce outbound traffic from Gallifrey (and inbound traffic to my website) the site connectivity check will now only happen if checking for updates fails, rather than before each check for updates.

Fitbit Overview Release Version 1.11.1

 07 September 2022 |  Edit Post |  release, Fitbit, overview


Version 1.11.1 of the Fitbit overview watch face has been released and is available now.

What’s New

This release only makes changes to the Versa 3 & Sense watch faces.

A new phone connection indicator has been added which will make the watch check conectivity to the phone on a regular basis (every 10 minutes) and if conectivity drops then an icon can be displayed.

The companion (phone app) will now listen for “significant” changes in location and when this occurs will fetch and send the weather to the watch regardless of if a refresh is due.

When display is off, rather than using the clock ticking every second to trigger updates, updates will be checked once every 2 minutes which means weather and phone connection continues to work even when the display is off.

Coupled with these changes to improve reliability in messaging between phone and watch, the entire messange sending has been replaced to include automated retries for sending messages as well as only considering a message as “processed” once the reciever has confirmed reciept.

Finally, the font size for the “no progress bar” mode has been slightly increased.

Fitbit Overview Release Version 1.11.0

 30 August 2022 |  Edit Post |  release, Fitbit, overview


Version 1.11.0 of the Fitbit overview watch face has been released and is available now.

What’s New

Versa 3 & Sense

With version 1.11.0 the long awaited support for the current weather has been added and can be included in the “stats” section.

This version also sees a change to the “no progress bar” option with an increase in font size as there is greater space on the screen for large font.

The settings page has had a layout change to try and make it flow better.

Versa, Versa Lite & Versa 2

These models have been moved into the “deprecated” version as Fitbit are no longer producing new versions.

However, bug fixes and things that are easy to backport from the newer devices will still be released.

Version 1.11.0 fixes a bug introduced in 1.10.0 that prevented settings from being set when changed on the mobile device.

The change to settings has been back ported so these devices benefit from that.

Migrating Folder To New GIT Repository With History

 07 April 2021 |  Edit Post |  git, GitHub, History, Migration, Move Folder


Having spent a lot of time working out how to migrate multiple folders (see previous post), the time taken on large repositories made this counter productive.

Not only did the process require a human to watch it to run the next command, some of the commands took hours (or even DAYS) to run.

So I needed to find a more effective way to move a folder from 1 GIT repository to another complete with history.

For the purpose of this, I worked on only moving a single folder. The reason for this is that if i needed to move more than 1 folder, I could run the process twice.


In order to automate the process so that it can be set off and left, I created a C# script which could I ran in LinqPad.

The script would essentially call the git exe on my machine to perform the operations that a human would type.

I would end up with 2 feature branches one in each repo. 1 to remove the migrated folder & another to merge the history into the destination branch.


My script can be found in a GitHub Gist